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Law and Regulation

Division of General Businesses Office of General Affairs(事務組)

Premises equipment expenditure management point

Centralized purchasing Notes

Purchase of official vehicles, replacement and leasing use points

Advertisement Management Considerations

General Office under the jurisdiction of use of the site management points

Division of Construction and Maintenance Office of General Affairs(營繕組)

Government Procurement Law

Construction Law

Division of Property Management Office of General Affairs(保管組)

Inventory operations standard

Consumables management operations standard

Division of Environmental Protection Office of General Affairs(環安組)

Saving Energy Regulatory Law

Garbage recycling Implementation Law

Division of Archives and Documents Office of General Affairs(文書組)

Mail processing operations Points

Document processing Points

Division of Campus Security of General Affairs(駐警隊)

Vehicle management Law

Cars charging Law

Access Management Points

Division of Cashier Office of General Affairs(出納組)

Payroll Withholding Law

Income Tax Law